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Luma Light Bulb Factory

Penilee in Wartime
Penilee in Wartime

How to use TheGlasgowStory

There are a number of linear and non-linear ways to navigate the wealth of information stored in TheGlasgowStory.

The first is time based. Along the top of the screen you can see a selection of PERIODS. Selecting one of these periods will take you to the introductory essay for that period. There are six periods to choose from.

Once you have selected a period, using the secondary menu on the left hand side of the screen you can then select a THEME. You can then read the theme essay for that period. Each period has a choice of eight themes.

When you are reading a theme essay, you will notice links at the bottom taking you to the previous or next period. This allows you to easily follow one theme throughout history.

Once you have select a theme, a third menu is visible – this is the TOPIC menu. You can select a specific topic which is relevant to the parent theme and period.

In addition each essay has a selection of IMAGES to view. Clicking on any of these images will take you to a larger version of the image along with a concise caption. You can easily return to the essay by clicking on “Return to Essay”.

Whenever you view an image you will see an option allowing you to save this image to your PHOTO ALBUM. Images stored in your photo album will remain there until you leave the web site. However, if you choose to REGISTER as a user on the site – free of charge – you can save up to five albums and load them up each time you visit the site.

As well as this method of navigation, there is a concise search engine covering the entire site. Initially you can chose a QUICK SEARCH, where you can enter a key word and search for either images or text. Due to the wealth of knowledge on the site, you may find your results to be quite staggering so you can filter these using the ADVANCED SEARCH where you limit your search to who, what, where, a specific period or a specific collection.

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