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Bishop's Castle
Bishop's Castle

Stirling Coach
Stirling Coach

Stephen T Driscoll

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Dr Stephen T Driscoll is a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology and is the Research Director of GUARD, the Glasgow University archaeological field unit. An American native he has been researching the archaeology of medieval Scotland for over twenty years. The highlights of his fieldwork career have been excavations at Edinburgh Castle, Glasgow Cathedral and Govan Old Parish Church.

Stephen T Driscoll has written the following TheGlasgowStory essays:

Early times to 1560 - Culture and Leisure: Architecture
The Church had the resources and provided the most significant opportunities for architectural expre...
Early times to 1560 - Learning and Beliefs: Pre-Reformation Church
Glasgow, in common with most other Scottish burghs, consisted of a single parish until after the Ref...
Early times to 1560 - Learning and Beliefs: Glasgow Cathedral
Glasgow Cathedral is one of the most ambitious buildings to have been erected in medieval Scotland a...
Early times to 1560 - Trade and Communications: Roads
The principal road in medieval Glasgow ran from the ford over the River Clyde to the Cathedral (the ...
Early times to 1560 - Industry and Technology: Building
Prior to the 12th century lime-mortared buildings were almost unknown in Scotland and for centuries ...
Early times to 1560 - Buildings and Cityscape
The cityscape of Glasgow has been shaped both by the river and the Cathedral. At its foundation the ...
Early times to 1560 - Buildings and Cityscape: Places of Worship
Although undoubtedly there were places of worship in the Glasgow area in prehistoric times, none of ...
Early times to 1560 - Buildings and Cityscape: Public Buildings
The earliest public structures were places of assembly known as moot hills. These were generally si...
Early times to 1560 - Buildings and Cityscape: Graveyards
The oldest grave yard in Glasgow is at Govan Old Parish Church and is marked out by an oval boundary...
Early times to 1560 - Buildings and Cityscape: Housing
The standard of accommodation varied greatly according to social position. During the Middle Ages d...
1560 to 1770s - Culture and Leisure: Architecture
After the Reformation, architectural activity shifted away from the Cathedral to the mercantile area...
1560 to 1770s - Buildings and Cityscape: Graveyards
As the burgh of Glasgow increased in size the burial grounds at the medieval churches came under inc...

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