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Burns & Laird Brochure

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Bishop's Castle

Frank Arneil Walker

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Frank Arneil Walker is Professor Emeritus of the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, where for just over thirty years he taught in the Department of Architecture and Building Science. A frequent writer on architecture, urban form and architectural history, he is author or contributing author of some twenty books.

Frank Arneil Walker has written the following TheGlasgowStory essays:

1560 to 1770s - Buildings and Cityscape: Public Buildings
Following the Reformation, Glasgow's significance as a centre of ecclesiastical power began to wane....
1770s to 1830s - Culture and Leisure: Architecture
By 1800 Glasgow had become a classical city. Provincial Palladianism, already evident in the mansio...
1770s to 1830s - Buildings and Cityscape: Public Buildings
Stimulated by mercantile prosperity, Glasgow grew in planned expansions west, east and across the Cl...
1830s to 1914 - Culture and Leisure: Architecture
19th century Glasgow is fundamentally a city of tenemented gridded streets, four-storey, shared-acce...
1830s to 1914 - Buildings and Cityscape
The urban layout of modern Glasgow was already established by 1830. The plan had four parts. The o...
1830s to 1914 - Buildings and Cityscape: Public Buildings
As heavy industry intensified wealth, Glasgow's predominantly classical architecture grew more varie...
1914 to 1950s - Culture and Leisure: Architecture
The city continued its physical expansion through the inter-war years. Vast areas of public housing...
1914 to 1950s - Buildings and Cityscape: Public Buildings
Despite the ironic benefits stimulated by two World Wars, Glasgow's heavy industries were no longer ...
1950s to The Present Day - Culture and Leisure: Architecture
In 1960 the delineation of the Inner Ring motorway blighted the city's inner suburbs (though many we...
1950s to The Present Day - Buildings and Cityscape: Public Buildings
The 1960s and 1970s saw a public sector building boom which included much hospital construction, bot...

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