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Literature on law and order in Glasgow in this period is largely confined to the late 18th century. It includes:

Barrie, D G, ‘Britain’s Oldest Police?’ A Political and Social History of Policing in Glasgow, 1779-1846, PhD Thesis, University of Strathclyde (2001)

Dinsmor, A., “Glasgow Police Pioneers”, Journal of the Police History Society, 15 (2000)

Ord, J, “Origin and History of the Glasgow Police Force”, Old Glasgow Club Transactions, Volume 1, Sessions 1900-8 (Glasgow, 1908)

Interesting anecdotes of early policing arrangements are included in:

Strang, J, Glasgow and its Clubs (Glasgow, 1856)

Eyre-Todd, G, History of Glasgow, Volume III: From Revolution to the Passing of the Reform Acts, 1832-3 (Glasgow, 1934)

National developments in policing include:

Dinsmor, R and Urquhart, R H J, “The Origins of Modern Policing in Scotland”, Scottish Archives: The Journal of the Scottish Records Association, 7 (2001)

Law and order in the earlier period is confined to general national studies. These include:

Rait, R S, “Scottish Police in Early Times”, The Police Journal, III (1930)

Smout, T C, A History of the Scottish People, 1560-1830 (London, 1969), pp.205-13

Useful studies of the social context in which order was maintained include:

Whatley, C A, Scottish Society, 1707-1830: Beyond Jacobitism, towards Industrialisation (Manchester, 2000)

Fraser, W H, “Patterns of Protest”, in Devine, T M and Mitchison, R, (eds.), People and Society in Scotland, Volume I, 1760-1830 (Edinburgh, 1988)

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