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Glasgow Kiss

Glasgow Kiss, by Ashley Rawson. In the 1990s Rawson specialised in painting Glasgow buildings but became better known for his depictions of Glasgow neds. Glasgow Kiss shows two young Glaswegians putting traditional Rangers v Celtic rivalries aside, over a bottle of cheap tonic wine.

For generations, Glaswegians have referred to young hoodlums as "neds". The origins of the term are unclear, although it has been claimed that it refers to ne'er-do-wells, to "Non-Educated Delinquents" or to the old Scots name for a donkey. At the end of the 20th century the term became more specifically used for young people who adopted a "look" sporting tracksuits, trainers, baseball caps and other "name" brands of leisure wear and chunky cheap jewellery (especially for female neds, often known as "sengas").

Cheap tonic wine is famously the ned's favourite tipple.

Reproduced with the permission of copyright holder Ashley Rawson

bigotry, Buckfast, drinking, football fans, football supporters, Glasgow Celtic FC, Glasgow Rangers FC, neds, sectarianism, tonic wine, trackie bottoms

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