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NBL Locomotive at Stobcross
NBL Locomotive at Stobcross

Glass panel by George Walton
Glass panel by George Walton

Fossil fish tooth

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Geology Collection

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Fossil fish tooth

A fossilised fish tooth found in the Possil lower black band at Keppoch in Possilpark.

These kind of fish teeth are known as Rhizodus. They come from certain types of lobe-finned fish (rhizodontiforms) which existed from the upper Devonian Period to the upper Carboniferous Period (around 377 to 310 million years ago). Rhizodonts were large fish and some grew to a length of 6 or 7 metres and had teeth up to 22 centimetres long. These long pointed teeth were ideal for hunting prey in the freshwater rivers and lakes where the rhizodonts lived.

Reference: 1901.53.b.01

Reproduced with the permission of Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Museums

fossils, geology, lobe-finned fishes, Possil lower black band, rhizodontiforms, rhizodonts, Rhizodus, teeth, upper Carboniferous Period, upper Devonian Period

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