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Penilee in Wartime
Penilee in Wartime

Kelvin Hall Circus
Kelvin Hall Circus

Fossil Grove

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Geology Collection

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Fossil Grove

A trunk and tree stump from fossilised Lepidodendron trees at Fossil Grove.

The tree stump seen here is one of eleven stumps preserved at Fossil Grove in Victoria Park, Whiteinch. The trees seem to have died during flooding of their habitat 330 million years ago and are preserved in their original growth position. The flood waters deposited plant debris such as the long trunk shown in the photograph among the tree stumps. Over time the whole area became fossilised.

Reference: N1562

Reproduced with the permission of Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Museums

Fossil Grove, fossil trees, fossils, Lepidodendrons, museums, parks, tree stumps, tree trunks, Victoria Park

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