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Mount Vernon burials

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Mount Vernon burials

A group of Glasgow antiquarians and magistrates visiting excavations at Greenoakhill, Mount Vernon, in April 1928. Ludovic Mann, a well-known Glasgow antiquarian, stands third from the right in the front row. The man next to him is holding a skull. The site dates to the earlier Bronze Age (between 2700 and 1400 BC).

The burials were found on the summit of a ridge during the working of a sandpit. The first items to be found there were three pottery vessels, followed by a number of cist burials. Cist burials occur when the grave is lined with stone slabs, creating a box effect.

The dead were accompanied with a variety of burial goods. One elderly man was buried with a flint arrowhead, while a young woman was found with a flint knife, a white pebble and a pot. The pot (a type known as a Food Vessel) contained traces of oats and rye. Another cist held a teenager who had been buried with a food vessel and covered in a layer of soft moss. Traces of a cremation and a burial in a wooden coffin were also found.

Reference: 184

Reproduced with the permission of Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Museums

antiquarians, archaeologists, archaeology, Bronze Age, cist burials, councillors, excavations, food vessels, grave robbers, human remains, magistrates, prehistory, skulls, teenagers, women

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