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UCS Cartoon
UCS Cartoon

Pollok House
Pollok House

Preparing for Practice

GUL, Sp Coll, Northern Looking Glass

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Preparing for Practice

Coloured cartoon from the Northern Looking Glass 17 September 1825, the seventh in the series "Essay on Modern Medical Education". Entitled "Preparing for Practice" it depicts students practicing vivisection and experimenting on animals.

A dog has been provided with artificial legs, a monkey has its arm in a sling and a man and woman (the latter wears what appears to be a nurse's uniform) are exploring the internal organs of a cat strapped to an operating table. Meanwhile, an older man is drilling a hole in the head of a dead sheep, perhaps demonstrating the surgical procedure known as "trepanning," which involved the removal of part of the skull.

Reference: Sp Coll Bh14-x.8

Glasgow University Library, Special Collections

artificial limbs, cats, dissection, doctors, dogs, Glasgow Looking Glass, lithographs, medical students, monkeys, Northern Looking Glass, nurses, operating theatres, prosthetics, sheep, skulls, surgeons, surgery, surgical operations, surgical procedures, trepanning, uniforms, vivisection, women

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