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Juvenile Delinquency Board

Glasgow City Archives, Photographic Series

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Juvenile Delinquency Board

A mother with her three children at a meeting of Glasgow Juvenile Delinquency Board at Green Street Industrial School, 1886. The man standing is a school janitor.

The Glasgow Juvenile Delinquency Board was set up by the Glasgow Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Repression Act, 1878. Three was a quorum for the Board, which met once a fortnight at Green Street. The children appearing before the Board were more likely to be considered at risk of becoming "delinquents", rather than having committed an offence: a child under 14 years of age could be sent to an Industrial School for begging, wandering, consorting with thieves or prostitutes or because the parents deemed him or her uncontrollable.

Green Street Industrial School was a day school, sometimes known as a "feeding school", as it provided meals but not lodging. Such institutions gave basic education to the inmates and taught them a trade. Products from practical work were sold to offset the running costs of the school, and parents were also required to contribute if they could afford to do so.

Reference: Glasgow City Archives, P1891

Reproduced with the permission of Glasgow City Council, Libraries Information and Learning

children, day schools, education, fashions, feeding schools, Glasgow Juvenile Deliquency Board, Green Street Industrial School, industrial schools, juvenile delinquents, women

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