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Cameronians War Memorial
Cameronians War Memorial

Stirling Coach
Stirling Coach

Guildry Court and Merchants' Steeple

Mitchell Library, Glasgow Collection

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Guildry Court and Merchants' Steeple

This is a view of the Merchants' Steeple and Guildry Court from the south. The steeple was built in 1665 overlooking the Bridgegate and remained following the demolition in 1817 of the old Merchants' Hall which it adorned. It was incorporated into the tenements which were built on the site of the old hall and, when they too were demolished to make way for a late-Victorian extension to the Fish Market, it remained in place and the market extension was built round it.

Reference: Mitchell Library, GC 338.64 MER

Reproduced with the permission of Glasgow City Council, Libraries Information and Learning

clock towers, clocks, Fish Market, Guildry Court, Merchants' Hall, Merchants' House, Merchants' Steeple, steeples, towers, weathercocks

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