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Pollok House
Pollok House

Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson

Glasgow 1761

Mitchell Library, Foulis Academy Prints

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Glasgow 1761

It is not known who cut this engraving in the Foulis Academy, which is thought not to have been completed before 1760. To the right of the composition are the High and Low Greens, which are divided by the Camlachie Burn. The small building which looks like a sentry box on the Low Green is the herd's house, where James Watt is said to have conceived in 1765 the idea of the separate condenser, which revolutionised the design of the steam engine. Infantry can be seen drilling on the High Green.

Looking west along the River Clyde we can see the old Glasgow Bridge in the distance, linking Glasgow with Gorbals. Close to the north bank in the middle distance is Point Isle, a small island which disappeared when the river was dredged and deepened. At intervals along this bank women are beating their clothes on rocks, which has been described as "washing in the Scottish fashion".

Reference: Mitchell Library, FA 8/1

Reproduced with the permission of Glasgow City Council, Libraries Information and Learning

bridges, Camlachie Burn, cityscapes, Glasgow Bridge, Great Bridge, High Green, Infantry, islands, laundry, Low Green, Old Bridge, Point Isle, River Clyde, Stockwell Street Bridge, Victoria Bridge, washer women, washing

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