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Wallace & Weir Overcoat

Mitchell Library, Glasgow Collection

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Wallace & Weir Overcoat

The "Blythswood" overcoat, illustrated in the Walwer styles overcoats catalogue for the winter of 1939-1940 issued by Wallace & Weir, 26 Argyle Street, manufacturers of men's and boy's clothing.

Demand for expensive clothing was adversely affected by the outbreak of the Second World War on 3 September 1939. There was a shortage of materials to make clothes, and there were strict rules stipulating how much material was to be used to make a dress, or a pair of trousers. Fashions became much simpler and people had to make their clothes last as long as possible.

In June 1941 clothes rationing was introduced, with sixty-six coupons for each adult each year. This was reduced later in the war. By the spring of 1942 each person was given only forty-eight clothing coupons a year which they could use to buy their share of new clothes. In order to be able to purchase a coat such as the one illustrated, a customer would have had to hand over sixteen of his coupons.

Reference: Mitchell Library, GC 687.1440941443 WAL

Reproduced with the permission of Glasgow City Council, Libraries Information and Archives

Blythswood, clothes rationing, clothing coupons, clothing manufacturers, coats, fashions, overcoats, tailors, trade catalogues, Wallace & Weir, Walwer

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