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Glasgow Kiss
Glasgow Kiss

Tennis Courts
Tennis Courts

Victoria Park

Mitchell Library, Glasgow Collection, Postcards Collection

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Victoria Park

Spectators observe a model yacht race on the boating pond at Victoria Park, Whiteinch, early 1900s.

The pond holds fond memories for people of many generations, including Billy Connolly: "When I was a tiny person around seven or eight years of age I was taken to a local park in Glasgow, Victoria Park, which had a wonderful big pond on which older men raced rather beautiful model yachts while little boys like myself, armed with a cane with a little bag shaped net on the end would fish for minnows. The most prized of these minnows were redbreasts (Ridbreests), doctors (Doakturs) and sticklebacks (same). I could not get enough of this, and watched many a prize specimen die in a jam jar on my windowsill from its diet of breadcrumbs."

Reference: Mitchell Library GC Postcards

Reproduced with the permission of Glasgow City Council, Libraries Information and Learning

boating ponds, children, Clyde Tunnel, fish, fishing, minnows, model boats, model yachts, parks, postcards, Victoria Park, Whiteinch Park

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