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Liz Arthur

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Liz Arthur was for many years curator of costume and textiles for Glasgow Museums and the Burrell Collection. Now a freelance curator, researcher and writer she is currently working with Glasgow School of Art.

Liz Arthur has written the following TheGlasgowStory essays:

Early times to 1560 - Everyday Life: Clothing and Fashion
During the Middle Ages dress reflected the wearers' status, rank and profession such as the universi...
1560 to 1770s - Everyday Life: Clothing and Fashion
Until the Union of the Crowns in 1603 the Scottish Court in Edinburgh, where a French influence prev...
1770s to 1830s - Everyday Life: Clothing and Fashion
The mechanisation of cotton production in Glasgow ensured that fabric became cheap and easily availa...
1830s to 1914 - Everyday Life: Clothing and Fashion
As social and industrial changes gathered pace it seemed important for the Victorians to make clear ...
1914 to 1950s - Everyday Life: Clothing and Fashion
Glasgow was the fashion centre of Scotland by 1914 and despite the First World War fashion continued...
1950s to The Present Day - Everyday Life: Clothing and Fashion
With post-war economic growth came increasing consumerism in which fashion played an important part....

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