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Joe Fisher

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Born, brought up, and educated in Glasgow's East End, Joe Fisher has had the inestimable pleasure of working for over half a century in that "crown of libraries all", The Mitchell Library, latterly in charge of the Glasgow Room. His sojourn there helped him write The Glasgow Encyclopedia.

Joe Fisher has written the following TheGlasgowStory essays:

1560 to 1770s - Culture and Leisure: Promenading
The 1707 Treaty of Union opened to Glasgow a profitable trade with the American tobacco plantations....
1770s to 1830s - Culture and Leisure: Clubs and Taverns
During the last half of the 18th century Glasgow became rich and gregarious and social clubs began t...
1770s to 1830s - Culture and Leisure: Museums and Libraries
The earliest Glasgow public libraries took the form of commercial circulating libraries. John Smith...
1830s to 1914 - Culture and Leisure: Museums and Libraries
Only two of the early libraries, Stirling's (1791) and the Glasgow Public Library (1804) continued t...
1914 to 1950s - Everyday Life
In many ways, the daily lives of Glaswegians changed only slowly during the years between the beginn...
1914 to 1950s - Culture and Leisure
The first half of the 20th century opened with one world war and closed with another. Glasgow, once...
1914 to 1950s - Culture and Leisure: Museums and Libraries
As the city expanded from 1912 onwards, every effort was made to extend the public library provision...

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