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Drinking Ginger in the Park
Drinking Ginger in the Park

Glasgow District Subway
Glasgow District Subway

John R Young

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Dr John R. Young is a graduate of Glasgow University. He is Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Strathclyde where he lectures in early modern Scottish History.

John R Young has written the following TheGlasgowStory essays:

Early times to 1560 - Everyday Life: Law and Order
No "police force" in the modern sense existed in Glasgow until 1800. Before this time, a rotation s...
Early times to 1560 - Buildings and Cityscape: Buildings and Cityscape
Glasgow Cathedral dominated the skyline of early medieval Glasgow, the present structure being built...
Early times to 1560 - Personalities: Archbishop James Beaton
Archbishop James Beaton (1517-1603) was the last Roman Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow. He was the n...
1560 to 1770s - Learning and Beliefs: Glasgow and 1707
Many in Glasgow were strongly opposed to the Act of Union of 1707 that brought to end the Scottish P...
1560 to 1770s - Learning and Beliefs: Glasgow and the Covenanters
Mounting tension against the attempts by Charles I to make the prayer book compulsory in Scottish ch...
1560 to 1770s - Learning and Beliefs: Glasgow and 1688
James VII and II had succeeded his brother Charles II in 1685, but his arbitrary government and fear...
1560 to 1770s - Personalities: Andrew Melville
Andrew Melville (1545-1622) was the most famous radical Presbyterian minister of the latter phase of...
1560 to 1770s - Personalities: Francis Hutcheson
Francis Hutcheson (1694-1746) is often described as "the father of the Scottish Enlightenment" which...
1560 to 1770s - Personalities: Zachary Boyd
Zacharias (Zachary) Boyd (c1585-1653) was a descendant of the Ayrshire family, the Boyds of Penkill,...
1560 to 1770s - Personalities: George Porterfield
George Porterfield (died 1675) was probably the most important Glasgow merchant and politician durin...
1560 to 1770s - Personalities: Robert Foulis and Andrew Foulis
Robert Foulis (1707-1776) and Andrew Foulis (1712-1775) were at the forefront of the print trade in ...

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